The Iran-Iraq war took place from 1980-1990 between Ayatollah Khomeini and Saddam Hussein.  The war broke out in fear that the revolution would spread to Iraq. This war was one based on religion even though they north tried to gain as much new territory as they possibly could. In the Iraq Kuwait war George bush gathered 30 countries to join in a coalition against Iraq.  They made sure that Israel wouldn't join in fear of losing the Arab support.  Kuwait was liberated after 4 days and 90,000 iraqi casualties.  Kuwait and the gulf war were greatly around religious reasonings, although oil wells were blown up and it took months for people to extinguish them. The exportation of oil from this are was however put on hold for awhile, with not very much export leaving Iraq.  Saddam Hussein also broke international laws by launching SCUD missiles on not only Iranians, but also on his own people the Kurds as well.  In conclusion, both these wars were religiously based with a minor influence from oil. 

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