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Gandhi was the created and leader of the Indian Congress Party, he led with a style of protest called pacifism (non-violent resistance).  He used many hunger strikes and civil disobedience to resist the british.  He would do everything against britain but it would all be peaceful and non-violent.  He believed that Hindus and Muslims could share an independent India with support from his right hand man Jawaharlal Nehru.  he declares independence for India on January 26th, 1930.  This was not the actual date that India gained independence but it was when he decided they had achieved it.  He then used his hunger strikes and civil disobedience to bring attention to their independence with the rest of the world. One of his civil disobediences was his protest against the British tax on salt.  He walked from Sabarmati, Ashram to Dandi, Gujarat to get salt (240 miles).  He gained many followers from this time and drew a lot of media support not just from the rest of the world but also the British. This would become the most memorable independence movement across India and the World.  He was assassinated by a fellow Hindu, leading the way for Nehru to take over for him and become Prime Minister. 

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