The all-white National Party comes to power in 1948, creating an Apartheid was their main agenda. This Apartheid was a doctrine of white supremacy and separate development.  Once it was created Non-white South Africans could no longer: Marry outside of their own race, choose where to live or travel where they like. The white South Africans made up only 15% of the entire population but they owned over 87% of the land. The non-whites were forced to live on Brutustans this was enforced by the army and police force. The African National Congress was the most prominent resistance to the Apartheid. They wanted to create a non-racial democracy the National party was scared so they portrayed the ANC as a communist organization.  Nelson Mandela became the leader of the African National Congress and was arrested for it in 1964.  He won a nobel peace prize in 1993 and was later on elected as the first black President of South Africa in 1994. In 1953 the UN condemned the apartheid system and continued to oppose it every year in the General Assembly. In 1963 the Un tried to organize economic sanctions against S.A. In the 1980's they finally declared the apartheid to be a crime against humanity. in 1961 south africa withdrew themselves from the British Commonwealth. In 1978 Prime minister P.W.Botha made reforms. The external reasons were theta in 1985 canadian P.M. Brian Mulroney urged the Americans to impose limited sanctions. 

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